Workers' Compensation

Have you suffered a work-related injury? Has the nature of your job caused you to develop a medical condition? Having a work-related injury or condition may entitle you to various benefits under the law.

I'm Alan Rosenberg, attorney at law, and for over 30 years, I have helped clients collect on workers' compensation claims throughout southern New Jersey, including Camden County, Burlington County and Gloucester County. Let my experience and skill help you in this area of the law.

As a Cherry Hill workers' comp lawyer, I represent clients in all facets of job-related injury cases. Whether you've suffered a repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and need to make an occupational injury claim, or you were injured in an accident at work, you may be able to pursue compensation.

You Have The Right To Compensation For Your Injuries

Maybe your employer has told you to file the injury with your own insurance. Maybe you've been told the accident was your fault, or maybe your employer simply said it won't pay. Whatever excuse is given, you should know that if you were injured on the job, no matter whose fault it was or how it happened, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

A work-related medical condition can result from a traumatic event or develop over time after performing repetitive job duties, or due to exposure to toxic conditions such as asbestos, mold or lead. Also, a psychological condition may be related to one's job, entitling a person to workers' compensation benefits.

Free Consultation With A Camden County Work Injury Lawyer

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